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19 June 2013 @ 05:51 am
FIC: "Robin Red Breast" [ TDK, the Joker, Barbara Gordon, PG-13 ]  
Title: Robin Red Breast
Rating: PG-13 for creepiness, disturbing content, and stranger danger
Summary: This isn't the real game, of course. This is just an afternoon's diversion.
Fandom: The Dark Knight
Characters: The Joker, wee!Barbara Gordon, Jim Gordon
Continuity: Post-fundraiser, pre-funeral parade
Word count: 6993
Disclaimer: All characters belong to a whole bunch of people and groups (DC Comics, Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan, Bob Kane, etc.), and I am not any one of those people. Or groups.

( Robin Red Breast - the Joker, Barbara Gordon, TDK, pg-13 )
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